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 Shop Art VENDOR

Selection & Deadlines:

All vendors are  required to

  1. Send us a SUBMISSION and fill out a VENDOR APPLICATION per a deadline.

  2. Pay fee due at a time no later than one week /7days after the submission/  application send in and approved.



No vendor will be considered until a completed and executed  submission, vendor application,,  and online  participant Agreement form is submitted to “IYA” and fee is paid.


Vendors products/services will be approved by Into Your Art Inc  and/or the venue.  

Vendor Space Fee:

  • 5  by 8 foot Space (40 sq ft)- $70

*Prices of space can decrease or increase based on size of space

*Vendors will need to bring their own setup. If tables and chair are available, vendors will be supplied.  


Vendor Fee Payment:

The Vendor  payment is due  no later than one week 3 to 7 days after the application is returned  and approved.

Set-up & Take Down  & Clean Up:

  • Vendors will Set-up an hour before the event  begins.
  • Vendors will Breakdown fifty minutes to one hour after event has ended.   

  • All vendors are expected to clean their areas before they leave.

Equipment & Decor:

  • Vendor’s Furniture must fit the sq ft dimensions  offered for the space. Such furniture include chairs, tables, racks and other furniture.  ( May not be applicable if venues supply furniture.
  • Vendor’s Decorations will be limited to tables and chairs only. No wall or ceiling decorations shall be allowed. All decorations must be removed at the end of the function. No glue, tape, tacks, nails, pins, or any other fasteners that may damage the walls, tables, chairs or ceiling may be used to hang decorations. Do not hang heavy objects or decorations from the ceiling. The use of candles or any other type of open flame is NOT allowed.

Cancellation & Refunds:



  1. There are no vendor refund after the specific date at time written on the vendor participant agreement form under Event release section.

  2. Fee Refunds before the Specific date and time written on the vendor participant agreement form under Event release section are subject to

  • Online processing  transaction fee deduction. Vendor will receive Vendor Fee Payment  less Processing Fee via an IYA Check.   

  • Cash and Check payments:  Refund will paid in IYA Check,  Cash, or Vendor’s Check not cashed to the Vendor.



  1. All Vendors will receive their Full Refund.

Permits Tax Id and Certificates:

Any vendor selling goods in Massachusetts is required to have a Tax ID Number and display the Tax ID Certificate in their space.  This is required for both in-state and out-of-state vendors. If you do not have a Tax ID certificate, you can obtain one online via the MA Department of Revenue. There is no cost, and it only take a few minutes to complete.


It is the Vendor's responsibility to ensure they and their employees are at all times in compliance with any Federal, State and Local regulations, tax laws, and health protocols.


Upon submitting this application, Vendors agree to indemnify and hold harmless Into Your Art Inc or Venues working With Into Your Art INC, and their officers, agents and employees from and against all liabilities, loss, injuries, damages, and claims arising out of or related in any way to Vendor's participation in the Shop Art Vendor Events.


Management & Vendor Conduct:

Into Your Art Inc reserves the right to remove, deny or terminate any Vendor that in their sole judgement is being disruptive, rude or detrimental to the peaceful operation of the Shop Art Event. Smoking by Vendors at  Shop Art event’s premises is strictly prohibited.


Into Your Art Inc  reserves the right to request the removal of any products or items that they deem offensive, inappropriate, unsafe or detracting from the quality of the Shop Art Event.

Into Your Art Inc reserves the right to remove, deny or terminate any Vendor that misrepresents themselves or their products.


Vendors should immediately report any unsafe conditions to the IYA manager. Any Vendor notified of any safety issue must immediately correct the issue, otherwise  Into Your Art Inc  reserves the right to terminate their participation at the Shop Art Event.


Any Vendor that is removed for behavior or safety issues will NOT be issued a refund.

Into Your Art Inc reserves the right to add or amend any reasonable rules and regulations at any time during and prior to the operation of the Shop Art Event..

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